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Getting engaged and planning a wedding is probably the happiest time of your life. It can also be one of the most stressful times of your life. Sometimes, brides get so caught up in the moment and the wow factor that they begin to make serious mistakes.

The following 5 mistakes are ones that I see time and time again.

  Forgetting the Purpose.
Don’t forget the purpose of your wedding. Its not to impress or out do your girlfriend. It’s not about keeping up with the Jones’s. It’s a public display of your love for one another. Remember, the Ceremony is the main event. Your reception is the party celebrating the main event. Don’t neglect the details of your wedding like the vows, meaningful music, etc.

   The Budget
Your budget is your Guideline. Make every effort to stick with it. You have spent a year or so saving your money and in some cases, receiving help from your family.
Make sure you do not fall victim to useless, wasteful spending. If your wedding and reception is at the same location, why do you need a limo or luxury car? Do you really need a champagne toast?  Do you really need 200 people at your reception? Just because it appears on the WE channel or David Tutera made it happened does not mean it’s in your budget. The last thing you want is to be in debt after your wedding. This is not the time for being impulsive. Spend Wisely.

   Forgetting the Wedding is WE not ME.
Ok Brides, I know “Its your day”. But the wedding is about you and your groom. It takes two to get married. Make sure you involve him in the planning process. Make sure the celebration is a reflection of the both of you.

   Not Hiring Professionals:
This day and age, we are watching our penny more and more. Sometimes you can get away with DIY projects. I have worked with many talented brides that did a lot of their own things like stationary, gift baskets and centerpieces. But some things you really need a professional.  (1)Photography is first and foremost. These pictures will last a lifetime. This is what you will show your children and grandchildren. (2) DJ. For some reason, DJ’s do not get the proper credit they deserve. Their equipment is not cheap and it takes special talent to keep your reception guest entertained throughout the entire event. Your DJ needs to be a great MC as well.(3) Catering. This alone is another article. Check your references.(4) Coordinator. These days, everyone is either a planner or an aspiring planner. Do your research.
   Not reading the contract: If I had a dollar for every couple that did not read their contracts, I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams.  This point cannot be stressed enough. You need to know what you are getting, how much time, unspoken charges (service charges, cake cutting fees, corkage fees, taxes). Were all of the services discussed in the meeting put on the contract?  Is there a refund policy? Rain Policy? I can go on and on.

There are so many other things that brides forget but this is my top 5.

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