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1.     BRINGING AN ENTOURAGE: Keep it Simple. The more people you bring the more confusing selecting your gown gets. Keep the numbers down to under 3
2.     SHOPPING TOO EARLY: It is natural to want to start shopping for gowns soon after you become engaged. The problem is, you try on so m any that you may forget what you really like. Try to keep gown shopping at 12 months prior or when you are READY to purchase.
3.     TRYING ON TOO MANY GOWNS: Again, the more you try on, the more confusing it becomes. Try to try on no more than 10
4.     BEING SWAYED BY DEEP DISCOUNTS: It’s hard to resist the huge discounts from trunk or sample sales. Remember, most of these gowns have been worn by many brides-to-be and may be worn, missing embellishments, dirty, etc. Thoroughly check out your gown before purchase
5.     DEMANDING THE WRONG SIZE: What bride doesn’t say she is losing weight before the wedding. Either way, buy a gown that actually fits you.  You can alter it later. Buying a gown in a size smaller than you are will just frustrate you if you never lose the weight.
6.     STICKING WITH ONE STYLE: You may really want that mermaid look but you may not have the body for it. Be open with your styles. You may find you like another style better.
7.     BUYING A DRESS YOU DON’T LOVE: Some buy dresses because of price but the disappointment from your purchase will be evident on wedding day.
8.     TRYING ON DRESSES YOU CAN’T AFFORD: We all want that designer gown, but trying on gowns you cannot afford may leave you disappointed, especially if it becomes your favorite gown. Please stick within your price range
9.     NOT ACCOUNTING FOR EXTRA COST: After purchasing your gown, remember to add things like delivery and tax, alternations, bustle, undergarments and veil.

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