Why do DJ's charge so much? All they are doing is playing music


 The DJ will make or break your party. We have come a long way from putting a record on and saying a few words on the microphone. I asked 4 DJ/Entertainment Companies for their thoughts and cost and their response was article worthy.
A professional DJ puts a lot of work into your events weeks, even months prior to your event.  They must pull the music, program equipment, and coordinate with venues and other vendors (especially if there is not a planner or coordinator) Prior to your event, they must upgrade and maintain their equipment and  also handle training sessions to ensure that all of their staff can handle your event with perfection. Your professional DJ isn't just pushing play, he must
1. Have the ability to control a room
2. Time Management
3. Posses Professional Equipment
4. Have Experience
5. Know the proper flow of your wedding and be able to quickly transition
6. Be well spoken and Professionally dressed

I must quote one DJ who said to me, "If you hire someone who DJ's as a Hobby, you will wedding will be just that...a Hobby. Not everyone can afford a $1500.00 DJ or a $1,000 DJ but please make sure the DJ you choose possess the above stated qualities. I have seen a lot of bad bad DJ's that couples hired because he was a friend or he was cheap.  Please do you research.

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